We love Ami! They make the most popular vegan cat food, Ami Cat, as well as the high quality Ami Dog food, Ami Bones, and more. We are proud to be a direct importer and are enthusiastic about their innovative, environmentally friendly, and entirely vegan products.

We just received our latest import shipment, and we’re excited to try one of their newest products: Ecosand Evolutionary Pet Litter! This litter is exactly what it is labeled; evolutionary! It is made solely from natural plant material and is 100% biodegradable. What we find especially amazing is that you can flush it down the toilet or use it as a fertilizer! It’s important for us, at Eco Dogs and Cats, to carry products that are eco friendly, and we are so pleased with the new level of sustainable that this product takes cat litter to.

We pride ourselves in selling only natural, non-toxic, merchandise. Our furry family deserves the best care we can provide and we want you to have access to the safest high quality products here. That’s why we love that Ami Ecosand Cat Litter is non-toxic and hygienic for both humans and nonhuman animals. The litter prevents the growth of bacteria, making it extra safe and also effective at eliminating unpleasant odors.

Some other benefits of Ecosand Cat Litter are the low static charge and the soft and pleasant texture. It’s also rare to find litters like this that do not stick to our furry friend’s paws and scratch or mark the floors. No more messes! Ami Ecosand Cat Evolutionary Pet Litter is easy to use and long lasting. It has ball-forming, clumping action and can be used for both cats and small animals.

You can be one of the first to try out this innovative litter! It’s great for the environment, feline and small animal companions, and humans too. We carry it here in a 3kg size (6.6 lbs). Let us know how you like it by leaving a comment below. We can’t wait to hear feedback about your experiences with it.

Woofs and Purrs,


Eco Dogs and Cats