Eco Dogs and Cats is excited to be adding an exclusive organic pet food to our selection. After much research and we have decided that in the near future we will be carrying  Benevo vegan pet food. Benevo is an independent producer of vegan pet food as well as treats. Benevo is based in the UK and is the first UK-manufacturing company to make Vegan pet food and treats.  Benevo offers Organic dog food, Original dog food, and my favorite puppy food. Benevo also has dry cat food and a canned food that is for cats and dogs. We will also be carrying the Benevo dog cake mix that is also vegan and all natural.  Now your doggie can have a real birthday party! My two dogs got to taste test dog cake mix made into a cake and they absolutely loved it. We are excited, hope you will be too!!

Benevo Ingredient Information:
Benevo Dog, Organic Benevo Dog, Benevo Duo Benevo Puppy and Benevo Grain-free wet food feature a special wheat free recipe, making it ideal for those dogs that suffer from sensitivities to wheat protein (a common ingredient in dry dog foods).

The rich, naturally vegetarian and vegan ingredients combined with the aroma of brewers yeast ensures a very palatable meal.

Benevo Grain-free vegetable feast with mixed herbs is a unique high quality wet food ideal for those owners looking to avoid grains in their dogs diet. It’s nutritionally complete, with Rosemary & Tomato to provide natural Antioxidants, Seaweed provides a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals, while Sunchoke acts as a natural digestive aid and Linseed and Sunflower Oil provide a great source of omega oils.

Benevo Duo is a premium moist dog food, made with fresh market ingredients. It’s a complete food for dogs of all life stages, full of essential nutrients and features an easy-open ring pull lid.

All of our products are cruelty-free, which means they are not tested on animals or produced with slaughter-house or animal ingredients.

FUN FACT: ‘Benevo’ comes from the word ‘Benevolent’ which means ‘promoting the welfare and happiness of others’ and ‘to do good’.

FUN FACT: Eco Dogs and Cats will be the only pet store in the United States to carry Benevo’s organic vegan pet food and treats.


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