Benevo’s Pawtato Seaweed Tubes, 3 oz


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Benevo Pawtato Seaweed Tubes are made with nutritious sweet potato and rice infused with seaweed.

★ Launched in 2015
★ No GM Ingredients
★ Gluten-free
★ Organically Grown Sweet Potato
★ Soya-free Recipe
★ Only Natural Colours and Flavours

Ingredients: Rice Flour (50%), Cornstarch, Sweet Potato Flour (13%), Vegetable Glycerin, Seaweed Powder (0.2%), Potassium Sorbate.

Crude Analysis: Crude Protein Min. 1.5%, Fat Content Min. 1%, Fibre Max. 1%, Ash 2.5%, Moisture Max. 18%.


Benevo® Pawtato Tubes are a delicious Low Fat, hypoallergenic treat for your dog. Made with sweet potato and rice, these fun shaped tubes are ideal for chewing, with seaweed to support good health. Provides a source of fibre for healthy digestion.

Benevo® Pawtato Tubes are vegetarian and vegan, containing only natural ingredients, completely free from GMO ingredients and have no artificial flavours or colours.

Formulated without meat, fish, dairy, eggs or wheat or soy.

Sweet potato provides Beta-Carotene a natural anti-oxidant; Fibre which is good for the gut; Vitamin C that is important for the immune system and Potassium for muscles, nerves and enzymes.

Only 1% fat!

Not suitable for puppies under 4 months old. May be a choke hazzard for larger breed dogs.

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Rice Flour (50%), Corn Starch, Sweet Potato (13%), Vegetable Glycerine, Seaweed Powder (0.2%), Potassium Sorbate.

Analytical constituents:
Crude Protein min. 1.5%, Fat Content min. 1%, Fibre Max. 1%, Ash 2.5%, Moisture Max. 18%.
Additives: Preservatives (Poatssium Sorbate)





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