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One of a Kind Vegan Ceramic Dishes


Who knew that most ceramics aren’t vegan? We certainly didn’t. Most know that bone china contains burned animal bones, but ceramics contain animal parts as well. Many glazes contain bone ash from chickens and horses, for example. At Eco Dogs and Cats, we offer locally made ceramics that are entirely vegan (clay, glaze and tools). They are also nontoxic and lead free, so they are safe for everyone.

We offer these dishes for dogs, cats, and their humans! All one of a kind – chopstick holders, bowls, plates, and saucers.












In this civilization built on the exploitation of nonhuman animals, it seems impossible to free ourselves from possessions that involved cruelty somewhere down the line. Tires, pharmaceuticals, batteries, glue – we’re surrounded by products made from parts of animals. All that matters is that we do our best to not inflict harm on others, and to try to change the system that creates speciesist exploitation in the first place. We can talk about it over a delicious vegan meal using our vegan ceramic dishes!


Woofs and Purrs,


Eco Dogs and Cats

Eco Friendly Ball Launcher – Planet Dog Wood Chuck


Finally an eco friendly ball launcher! Instead of environmentally harmful plastic, the Planet Dog Wood Chuck is made from sustainable bamboo with a handle made of reused cork scraps. The cork handle is ergonomic, comfortable, and grip-able. The four pronged claw will pick up your dog’s potentially slobbery Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBall® and then let it fly!







No plastic means no BPAs, and no toxic chemicals leaching out on hot days. This is a natural, safe and fun toy for our furry family members.

Check out this video review of the Planet Dog Wood Chuck. At Eco Dogs and Cats, we sell the Wood Chuck solo, and also offer it with the Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBall®. You can find them both at the link: here.












Woofs and Purrs,


Eco Dogs and Cats

The Best Eco Friendly Leashes and Collars


We recently discovered the gem that is Cycle Dog! This company has leashes and collars that fit in perfectly with our high quality and eco-friendly mission. Cycle Dog uses recycled bike tubes to construct their collars and 6 foot leashes in Portland, Oregon. No outsourcing to other countries which could potentially have unethical worker standards, no toxic chemicals, and no animal materials that hurt other animals unnecessarily.

Deflated bike tubes are hard to recycle conventionally, so Cycle Dog came up with the perfect solution for our planet and our furry friends! These leashes and collars are quick to dry, odor resistant, and are very durable.










We love the extra durability of the Cycle Dog Collar metal and stainless steel airline-style buckle! Plastic buckles can break easily. These can stand over 750 pounds of pull strength, making them more than 400 percent stronger than plastic buckles!












We’re very amused by the Cycle Dog Collar bottle opener feature as well. Cycle Dog states it is safe to use while your dog companion is wearing the collar!













Most importantly, these collars are soft, cushy and comfortable. They also absorb shock, making them extra safe for your furry loved ones.



Purrs and Woofs,


Eco Dogs and Cats