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Toxic Pet Toys. Are there alternatives?

We all love to buy toys for our furry friends, but have you stopped to take a look at where it is made, or what sort of materials it is made from?  More than 80% of all toys are made in China. In the past decade, toys made in China, have repeatedly been shown to be toxic. Many of these toxins, can be quite harmful to your pet if they are chewing on it, or happen to digest it.

Research has been conducted on both cat and dog toys selected at random, from dollar stores, to grocery stores, to pet shops.  The results are shocking.  The substances they tested positive for – lead, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury – can seriously damage the nervous system, and can enter the body through breathing, the skin and contaminated food. These toxic toys not only poison pets when chewed or touched, but can enter the body through the air they breathe.

It seems as though there should be some sort of regulation or standards that are enforced to protect our pets, however, that is not the case. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) checks the safety of all toys intended for humans. Maximum levels of certain toxins are enforced when it comes to children’s toys. Unfortunately, there are no organizations regularly testing animal toys, and there are no federal standards regarding pet toys.

There are conflicting opinions regarding the severity of these levels of lead and other heavy metals in pet products. Because of the lack of federal regulation at this time, it is up to you, the pet owner, to determine your level of concern.  However, there are safe alternatives.

At Eco Dogs and Cats, we carry a wide variety of safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic toys for both cats and dogs.

non toxic pet toys

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Bone

Planet Dog carries a wide variety of safe and non-toxic toys for dogs. All of their toys are made in the USA, non-toxic, durable, recyclable, and come from a company that values sustainability.  Check out our line of Planet Dog’s toys here.



Non toxic pet toys

West Paw Design Tizzi

West Paw is another fabulous company that features wonderful toys for cats and dogs.  West Paw design believes in sustainable practices, and operates a eco-friendly facility in Montana.  All of the products they sell adhere to a strict safety and quality standard, are made in the USA, and are non-toxic to your pets.  Search through our West Paw items for cats and dogs here.



SImply Fido Millie the Cow

Simply Fido is based in New York and all of their pet toys are made from organic materials, sustainably sourced and safe for your pets. They are committed to offering safe and chemical free products.  You can shop our Simply Fido line here.







Beco is based in the United Kingdom and offers a full line of bamboo based dishes, litter trays and litter scoops, but they also offer safe, durable and ethical toys for your cat.  These Beco cat toys are made from recycled plastic, double stitched for durability and ethically manufactured. Shop our line of Beco cat toys here.

We also carry From the Field, Bihler FlexKatie’s Bumpers, and much more.  You can shop our full line of dog toys here, and our full line of cat toys here.


Benevo Organic Pet Food For Dogs and Cats – Coming Soon

Eco Dogs and Cats is excited to be adding an exclusive organic pet food to our selection. After much research and we have decided that in the near future we will be carrying  Benevo vegan pet food. Benevo is an independent producer of vegan pet food as well as treats. Benevo is based in the UK and is the first UK-manufacturing company to make Vegan pet food and treats.  Benevo offers Organic dog food, Original dog food, and my favorite puppy food. Benevo also has dry cat food and a canned food that is for cats and dogs. We will also be carrying the Benevo dog cake mix that is also vegan and all natural.  Now your doggie can have a real birthday party! My two dogs got to taste test dog cake mix made into a cake and they absolutely loved it. We are excited, hope you will be too!!

Benevo Ingredient Information:
Benevo Dog, Organic Benevo Dog, Benevo Duo Benevo Puppy and Benevo Grain-free wet food feature a special wheat free recipe, making it ideal for those dogs that suffer from sensitivities to wheat protein (a common ingredient in dry dog foods).

The rich, naturally vegetarian and vegan ingredients combined with the aroma of brewers yeast ensures a very palatable meal.

Benevo Grain-free vegetable feast with mixed herbs is a unique high quality wet food ideal for those owners looking to avoid grains in their dogs diet. It’s nutritionally complete, with Rosemary & Tomato to provide natural Antioxidants, Seaweed provides a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals, while Sunchoke acts as a natural digestive aid and Linseed and Sunflower Oil provide a great source of omega oils.

Benevo Duo is a premium moist dog food, made with fresh market ingredients. It’s a complete food for dogs of all life stages, full of essential nutrients and features an easy-open ring pull lid.

All of our products are cruelty-free, which means they are not tested on animals or produced with slaughter-house or animal ingredients.

FUN FACT: ‘Benevo’ comes from the word ‘Benevolent’ which means ‘promoting the welfare and happiness of others’ and ‘to do good’.

FUN FACT: Eco Dogs and Cats will be the only pet store in the United States to carry Benevo’s organic vegan pet food and treats.


Eco Dogs and Cats

Leather – To Reuse or to Refuse?

Eco Dogs and Cats is a vegan owned and operated company. We believe in compassion for all sentient beings. We know it’s unnecessary to exploit, to inflict suffering, and to take the lives of others for our benefit. We have the privilege of having access to grains, fruits, vegetables, and the wonderful bonus of vegan alternative products. We have the option to buy products not tested on animals (toiletries, makeup, household cleaning supplies, etc.), to wear clothing that isn’t made of animal body parts (fur, leather, down, wool, etc.), and to choose entertainment that doesn’t harm and exploit animals (like zoos, aquariums, marine parks like Sea World, circuses, etc.)

But when making the transition, should we throw away our old leather shoes? Should we toss out our wool sweater? Trash our soap that contains someone’s body parts and thats chemical ingredients were forced into the sensitive eyes of innocent rabbits or beagle puppies? Is vintage fur okay, because the animal has already been electrocuted, or drowned, or skinned alive?

After all, valuable resources went into producing products of these animal’s suffering. In the leather industry, many humans suffer by being put in poor working conditions and having to work with toxins to keep the cow’s skin from rotting away. The cows suffered immensely before their untimely death and all that is to show for it is their skin, fashioned into something functional and trendy. Is it wrong for us to just dump that into a landfill?

If we wore a dead human’s skin, even skin of someone who died peacefully of natural causes instead of being murdered, we would be called sociopaths. There may even be legal consequences. It would be absolutely outrageous! So why are the bodies of nonhuman animals any different? Because we do not see their deaths as equal to ours? Because they do not speak? Because we are so used to seeing their body parts exploited and turned into “things”?

Take a minute to imagine that these “products” were made up of the dog, cat and/or other nonhuman animal that you share your home with. Imagine their bodies were stolen and abused, that they cried out in fear and pain, that they suffered in death, and then someone turned them into some”thing” utilitarian. Personally, my heart would be broken. I would want my cat and dog, Bella and Sebastian, to be treated respectfully in death. I would want to bury them and I would mourn the loss of their lives because they are part of my family and their lives matter.

When I somehow find in my possession a “product” that was once part of an animal’s body, or a product that an animal suffered for, I do not consume or use it. Not because I believe in keeping myself pure, but because it’s feels disrespectful and wrong for me to participate in oppression and exploitation, and to use what is not mine to use.

This civilization is built on the exploitation of nonhuman animals and none of us can be perfect, but should we not try to grow and at least think about the statements we are making and the actions we are supporting? If we are privileged enough to afford new shoes that are not made of someone else’s skin, and are provided the education that the skin is a result of someone’s suffering and someone’s loss of life, should we not buy new shoes? And if we are privileged enough to have access to shoes that were made without exploiting humans, should we not make an effort to buy those?

We can all keep taking steps until we reach a point where we are doing everything that we are able to do to cause the least amount of suffering, exploitation and oppression in this civilization built on suffering, exploitation and oppression. As compassionate individuals, let’s all make efforts to keep growing, questioning unjust societal norms, and fighting for equality and an end to oppression of all peoples and all nonhuman animals. We can start by looking inwardly and see what actions we need to take to gain integrity with our compassionate intentions. Cleaning out the closet can be the bridge to our road of respect and equality for all!

Wildlife overpass on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, USA. Image via The World Geography.

Wildlife overpass on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, USA. Image via The World Geography.

Woofs and Purrs,


Eco Dogs and Cats

The Atrocity of Ag-Gag Laws

If you aren’t familiar with Ag-Gag laws and care about human rights and/or animal rights, you should start getting familiar. These laws directly target whistleblowers, investigators and journalists involved in the animal agriculture industry. We all deserve the right to know what goes on in facilities that profit from the use of animals. All companies should be open to being fairly investigated and held accountable for crimes committed and truth hidden.

Check out this must-read article that explains more specifically what Ag-Gag is. Also, to demonstrate how outrageous this issue has become, here is an article about how the FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists.

Most recently, four local activists were prosecuted under the Ag-Gag law for taking photographs from the street. From the article, by journalist Will Potter:

“It’s only the second time that an Ag-Gag law has been enforced, nationally. The first time was also in Utah. A young woman named Amy Meyer saw a sick cow being pushed by a bulldozer, and she filmed it from the public street. After a news report on this website about her prosecution went viral, prosecutors dropped all charges.

Utah is one of seven states to enact ag-gag laws that make it illegal to photograph factory farms and slaughterhouses. The laws are a direct response to a series of undercover investigations by animal welfare groups exposing horrific animal cruelty.”

We all need to stand together to keep awareness and attention on this issue. Our voices make all the difference in gaining back our rights by getting prosecutions dropped, shutting down these laws where they exist, and preventing future laws from being enacted. Our relationships with dogs and cats help to show us that we all matter and that all of our rights are worth fighting for. Let’s use our voices to make sure that all voices can be heard.

Activists with Mercy for Animals peacefully protesting in Iowa, where Ag-Gag laws are still in effect.

Activists with Mercy for Animals peacefully protesting in Iowa, where Ag-Gag laws are still in effect.

Woofs and Purrs,


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