Protect Black Cats this Halloween


Animal abuse certainly is “spooky.” As if black cats don’t have it hard enough because many refuse to adopt them based on their fur color, Halloween can be especially horrific for them. To this day, some use black cats as props and few practice a tradition of sacrificing them on Halloween. Because of this, some shelters refuse to let anyone adopt black cats during the week of Halloween.

We love the tips in this article from PETA on how to protect companion animals on Halloween.

Make sure you keep your furry friends inside in a secure room, and avoid taking them on trick-or-treating trips. Halloween can scare all members of the family!

We wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween this year!


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2 thoughts on “Protect Black Cats this Halloween

  1. Tom Keith

    Keep your cats indoors and if you know anyone that practices satanism or any other belief system which believes in hurting and sacrificing cats this Halloween please stop them and report them if you have tooz

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