We all love dog treats. The pure joy and excitement our dogs experience is fun to witness. Treats are also excellent tools for training our companion animals to listen to us so we can keep them safe and happy. For little dogs with little jaws, we love crunchy treats like Max & Ruffy’s and Mr. Puglsy’s and Mr. Barky’s. But we all know that bigger dogs will inhale treats like those in a millisecond!

For the big furry bundles of love in our lives, or the medium sized dogs with surprisingly destructive canines, something harder is essential. Pig ears, raw hide, bones, and other commercial animal product treats are incredibly cruel and incredibly unhealthy. It’s no treat for our dogs to ingest harmful chemicals and scrapings from slaughterhouse floors. It’s also most certainly not a treat for the kind farm animals that are killed unnecessarily.

At Eco Dogs and Cats, we are very excited about the healthy vegan dog treats we offer from Camon! They are just as texturally tough as their animal based counterparts, but they are full of nutrients and healthy vegetables. We also love that they come from Italy, so they are guaranteed GMO-free!

Check out the fun designs: Churro, Toothbrush, and “Beef Stick”.

We hope you and your furry family enjoy!


























Woofs and Purrs,


Eco Dogs and Cats