Eco Dogs and Cats are proud to stock CocoTherapy products — delicious, vegan treats that cats and dogs just can’t seem to get enough of! We currently have a variety of tasty treats for your pet to try including Organic Coconut Chips , Veggie Crunch , Fruit Crunch , Coconut Apple Pie ‘Maggie’s Macaroons’ , and Virgin Coconut Oil .

CocoTherapy products are the perfect alternative to over-processed treats that are usually made from artificial ingredients. You can give them to your pets as treats throughout the day, and they will love them! With no added sugar, salt or chemicals, all products are 100% vegan, organic, and delicious! Your pet gets to enjoy their treat whilst benefitting from the important nutrients these natural products have to offer. Good for the earth and great for your pet! Why not give CocoTherapy a try today?

Keep an eye out for CocoTherapy’s Hair Ball Relief for Cats which will also be available from Eco Dogs and Cats soon!