cycle dog, collar

Recycled Collar with bottle opener

Eco Dogs and Cats is thrilled to carry the amazing, eco-friendly brand, Cycle Dog.  

Cycle Dog Collars are essential for your summer walks and adventures!  These sturdy, vegan, and colorful collars are made from plastic bottles and bike tubes and are 4 times stronger than plastic. These collars come with a bottle opener too!  

They also carry top of the line harnesses:

And…leashes made from recycled bike tubes:

Also…reflective collars for night walk safety:

Looking for an adjustable, vegan, reliable leash?  

Look no further than our line of Flexi leashes and accessories!

Flexi leashes are imported from Germany, ultra sturdy, reliable, comfortable, and fashionable!

Flexi comfort cycle dog

Flexi Comfort leash in blue

The Flexi Comfort leash is the comfortable, perfect retractable leash featuring a stylish design and an ergonomic grip handle. It can be accessorized with the Multi Box and/or the LED Lighting System (for leash sizes small and up). With its innovative Short-Stroke Braking System, the New Comfort creates a high level of safety and comfort during walks. The modern New Comfort leashes are available in Pink, Blue, Gray and Green.

Flexi Classic cycle dog

Flexi Classic leash in pink

The Flexi New Classic cord leash is suitable for dogs, cats and other small animals.   Features include a chrome snap hook and short stroke braking system.  In addition, the handle is ergonomic and comfortable. The new classic comes in three colors: Blue, Black, and, Pink.

New Comfort and Classic leash sizes:

XS – 10-feet tape leash for small dogs, cats and other animals up to 18-pounds (not compatible with LED lighting system and multi-box attachment)

S – 16-feet tape leash for small dogs up to 33-pounds.

M – 16 feet tape leash for medium-sized dogs up to 44-pounds.

L – 16-feet tape leash for larger dogs up to 110-pounds.