Most of us know that dogs are omnivores, and are therefore able to thrive on a purely vegan diet. However, many do not consider a meat-free lifestyle ideal for this species. Brambles proves that dogs can live extraordinarily long and healthy lives while letting farm animals live too!

Brambles, a Border Collie from the UK, held the Guinness World Record for being the longest living dog at the time, at age 189 (or 27 in human years). Most dogs live 8-15 human years, and it’s very rare for them to live over 20. She ate a meal of mostly rice, lentils, and organic vegetables once a day and got a lot of exercise.

At Eco Dogs and Cats, we recommend a diet with all essential nutrients included, like Evolution Diet Kibble, Evolution Diet Moist Canned Food, Ami Dog Food and Ami Dog Mini Kibble, and canned PetGuard Vegetarian Feast and canned Organic Vegan Formula. This way, we can feel secure that our dogs get everything they need for a healthy diet.

We like to supplement our companions’ diets with fresh raw veggies (check dog allergy lists prior to feeding to your dog). Veg-to-Bowl and Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground is an excellent and easy way of sneaking more healthy veggies in.

Also, we personally add Pet Kelp and Cranimals to our furry friends’ food for an extra boost of healthy goodness.

Are your dogs vegan? Have you ever switched a dog to a vegan diet? Let us know your experiences in the “Leave a Reply” section below!


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