If you’re like we are, here at Eco Dogs and Cats, you treat your dogs and cats as if they were your own children. We only sell products that we trust are healthy and safe for our fur babies. The kibbles and wet food we provide contain all essential nutrients necessary to keep dogs and cats in vibrant health and to give them a long lifespan. One concern we have for our own diets, and those of our furry family members, is risky GMOs and making sure we avoid them whenever possible.

If you’re out of the loop on GMOs here are some GMO Facts from the Non-GMO Project to get you up to speed. Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe and many have outright bans or restrictions on growing and selling them. GMOs are also detrimental to the environment and threaten farmers.

We pride ourselves on making the most ethical decisions possible and always do our best to consider everyone in the world around us, and the earth itself, in regard to our personal and business decisions. That’s why we sell Evolution Diet dog and cat food!

Evolution Diet is an entirely vegan company based in the USA. They have won many awards and accreditations for their company and their meticulously created kibbles and wet food. We are so excited that they are now only using ingredients that are all certified Non-GMO! We believe that they have the most affordable dog and cat food that is ethical, healthy and certified non-GMO.

We have heard complaints about a couple other companies causing health issues, but Evolution, and all other kibble and wet food we sell, is formulated to avoid those issues. It doesn’t contain any ingredients (like spinach, meat, and eggs) that can cause urinary tract issues and bladder stones. We are confident in all of the ingredients and vitamins used.

Another exciting feature is that when water is added to the dry cat or dog kibble, the kibble becomes a wet food! This means easier digestion, better hydration, and less kibble used. At Eco Dogs and Cats, we recommend adding water to kibbles because we believe it is best for ideal health. We always add supplements like Cranimals and Pet Kelp for an extra healthy boost, and mixing them in with water is an easy way to combine as well!

Have your dogs or cats tried Evolution Diet dog kibbles, cat kibbles, canned cat food, or canned dog food? Did your furry family enjoy them? Let us know what you and your companion animals think about Evolution Diet in the “Leave a Reply” section below this post. We loving hearing your comments and questions!


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