The 4th of July is fast approaching, and the festivities are no fun for our companion animals. With loud noises from partying people and scary fireworks igniting continuously, it must sound like a war is going on all around them! Growing up, I always felt helpless and sad for my dogs. I couldn’t communicate to them that everything was fine. No matter what I did, they were beside themselves, cowering in fear all day and night.

I am so happy to announce that there are natural, holistic remedies to combat that fear and give our furry friends some relief!

homeopet-anxiety-tflnHomePet Anxiety TFLN Thunder Fireworks Loud Noises is made for these sort of occasions. It comes in drops which you can apply directly into the mouth, or add to water if you will be out of the house. It’s great for a day like the 4th, because it may be given every 15 minutes and up to 4 times, if needed, before and after fireworks. We recommend you give at least one dose beforehand, because cats’ and dogs’ sharp hearing picks up these frightful noises before we, as humans, are able to detect them.

spirit-essence-stress-stopper-jackson-galaxySpirit Essence’s Stress Stopper is another remedy perfectly suited for fireworks and loud noises. It also comes with a liquid dropper so you can apply directly in the mouth or in water, like the HomeoPet remedy. Alternatively, you can put a few drops in your hands and apply to the coat. Make sure you tap the bottom of the bottle 5 to 10 times first to activate the properties!

Both remedies are completely natural, safe, and made in the USA. I have seen and heard from many about fantastic results with both of these companies, and have found them to be very effective. We recommend both here at Eco Dogs and Cats.

In addition to using helpful supplements, you can keep your dog or cat in a room with the lights on and windows covered, if possible. Make sure you keep your companion animals safe indoors. You can even put on some music, which may help to distract them. Just remember, loud noises of any kind may be unpleasant for their sensitive ears, even if you’re just turning the tunes up to drown out the outside noise! Try to keep music at a level that won’t be too loud for them.

The Eco Dogs and Cats team wishes you the best of luck comforting your furry companions this 4th of July, and on all noisy occasions! You can leave a reply at the bottom of this post or you can always privately contact us by selecting the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. We are happy to answer any questions and we love your feedback!


Woofs and Purrs,


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