Introducing Beco!  

This wonderful and amazing line of all natural bamboo supplies is made especially for cats and dogs.  This Beco collection is from the United Kingdom and is not widely available here in the United States. These items are 100% biodegradable and will last for years in your home. However, once in the landfill it will begin to break down naturally.

Beco has a full line of cat and dog food bows, litter trays and scoops for cats, and food scoops for those large bags of dry food.  These items are durable, lightweight, easy to clean and come in a variety of colors including: Blue, Green and Natural.  In addition to the line of dishes and scoops, we also carry catnip toys.  These toys are bright, colorful, catnip filled, and very durable.  They are sure to please even the pickiest of kitties!

Cat Bowl

Cat Bowl

The Beco Bowl for cats has a lower rim so that our feline friend’s sensitive whiskers don’t brush up against the sides making dinner time much easier. Many sophisticated cats may refuse to eat out of a metal or plastic bowl but because our bamboo plastic is toxin free they will happily eat out of these bowls.


Food Scoop

With their heavy weight design, Beco Scoops have a unique quality. Unlike most flimsy plastic scoops, this Food Scoop is strong and durable.


Litter Scoop

The Beco Litter Scoop has been made from our sturdy plant fibre plastic – this makes it much stronger than normal plastic scoops which means you can reach the bin without spilling litter all over the floor!


Litter Tray

The attractive Beco Tray has a high back hood and push fit lid for extra kick back protection. Its heavyweight and sturdy design means that it won’t flip over and spill all over the kitchen floor.

In addition to these popular products, we have all sizes of dog food bowls, and catnip cat toys!  Check it out today!