Finally, a natural cure to stinky dog breath that really works! Here at Eco Dogs and Cats, we are no strangers to smelly dog kisses. We love the licks, but we would enjoy them a lot more if we could handle the halitosis!  We’ve discovered an incredible product by Nature’s Inventory, called Doggie Breath Wellness Oil, that takes care of that dog breath once and for all! Delta, the owner of Eco Dogs and Cats, tested it on her Golden Retriever Hannah, and it instantly worked like a charm!

Hannah may be thinking: Wait, that minty oil wasn't a treat?

Hannah may be thinking: Wait, that minty oil wasn’t a treat?

Just shake the bottle of Doggie Breath Wellness Oil and apply one pump onto your dog’s tongue. So easy and convenient. The peppermint will also simultaneously help to settle any tummy and digestive issues. Make sure not to use it for cats, as their systems are not suited for essential oils.

We love products from Nature’s Inventory because they are free of synthetic ingredients (including synthetic fragrances and synthetic preservatives), contain no petroleum based ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and are certified organic. We also love that their products are natural, gentle, safe and effective. It’s extremely important to us that their products are never tested on animals, meeting our high standard of ethics so we never harm another animal for the sake of animals we share our homes with.

If you have a beloved pup with stinky breath, Doggie Breath Wellness Oil is a must-have! We welcome you to try it for yourself and tell us below about your experience with it!

Woofs and Purrs,


Eco Dogs and Cats