It’s almost impossible to find vegan canned dog food in stores. One of the reasons Eco Dogs and Cats was created was for this very reason! We are proud to provide accessibility to healthy, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly dog and cat products.  We like to give our animal companions kibbles like Evolution Diet Dog Kibble and Ami Dog Kibble to give their teeth a healthy crunch, but we love to add canned foods into the mix for ultimate digestion and assimilation.

Evolution Diet has our most popular canned foods for dogs. My puppy Sebastian will not even stop to take a breath when I serve some to him! We’re happy that Evolution Diet Moist Canned Dog Food not only provides essential nutrients, like Taurine, but also adds extra vitamins and minerals to promote great health, digestion, and immunity!

PetGuard vegan canned foods are also complete with all essential nutrients. Both formulas are completely free of animal by-products, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners or sugars. We’re really excited that they have an Organic Vegan Formula, USDA Organic with more than 95% organic ingredients!

Vegan Canned Food for Plant Based Pups

Do you feed your dogs wet food all the time, or part of the time? We’d love your feedback on your experiences with canned food, if you’re canine friends have ever tried vegan canned food, and what they thought of it! Leave us a comment below so we can hear your thoughts.

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