It’s impossible to find vegan cat treats. The only cat treats in stores and online are made with animal ingredients from abused and unnecessarily killed animals. If we don’t need to hurt and kill an animal for the benefit of the animals we share our homes with, why would we? Most cat treats are made with animal by-products, which include grease, blood, feathers, offal, and entire carcasses that are from a variety of sources including animals shelters (source: on Meat Rendering Plants). That’s not a treat for anyone involved!

We’re thrilled to announce that we sell the only vegan cat treats available! We purchase Cat Chums from a family owned and operated wholesale business located in our neighboring County, Los Angeles. These homemade treats are baked without artificial ingredients, salt, sugar, meat and meat-by products, chocolate, chemicals or unnecessary fats and oils. We love the simple, easily recognizable ingredients.

There are four different Cat Chums flavors: Cheddar Cheese, Rye, Catnip Cookies, and Low Fat Kitty Treats. Our best sellers at Eco Dogs and Cats are the Cheddar Cheese and Catnip Cookies. The Rye and Low Fat Kitty Treats also contain catnip, which is a sure-fire cat pleaser!

We also carry wonderful Organically Grown Catnip by PetGuard, for an extra fun time for your feline friends. We hope you consider giving vegan treats a try for the furry friends in your family!













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