Vegan cat food has been around for a number of years, but it has been really hard to find. Fortunately with all the work we’ve done to bring vegan and eco friendly cat food to the market for you, we now have three great brands to choose from. All these brands of vegan cat food are high quality and provide good nutrition for cats. I’m going to introduce you to four brands that are high quality and available in the United States and Canada.

benevoBenevo vegan cat food has been around for a while in Europe – especially popular in the UK where it is formulated and produced. Benevo vegan cat food is produced from the highest quality ingredients available and is a complete vegan food for adult cats. It has 28% protein with a vegetarian source of taurine. Benevo vegan cat food also includes prebiotic FOS to help with digestion, and is flavored with brewers yeast and seaweed which is also a great source of nutrition that cats just

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what-is-ami-cat-vegan-cat-foodAmi Cat is one of the oldest, and one of our more popular brands with cats. Imported from Italy, Ami Cat provides a ready to use vegan cat food that many cats really love. The ingredients used in this vegan cat food formula are sourced locally in Italy and are of the highest humane grade quality. They are also GMO free. No by-products, dyes, or artificial ingredients are used either. If you are looking for the highest quality vegan cat food for your cats, Ami Cat is one of the highest quality.

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evolution-diet-cat-foodEvolution Diet vegan cat food has been around since 1989 in the United States and is completely vegan as are the other brands on here. It’s formulated from whole grains, vegetable proteins, and other natural vitamins, minerals and ingredients. We find that cats tend to like the taste of the Ami vegan cat food or the Benevo vegan cat food better, but some cats prefer Evolution Diet vegan cat food. Evolution Diet is the most cost effective, and so some people will mix it with other brands as well.

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evolution-benevo-wet-cat-foodAlong with the dry vegan cat food that Benevo, and Evolution Diet has, each also has a wet canned vegan cat food. Each of these canned vegan cat foods are high quality and great to feed along with the dry.

You can find each of these vegan canned cat food here:
Benevo Duo Canned Cat Food | Evolution Diet Moist Canned Cat Food

vegecat-phiAlong with the pre-made vegan cat foods above, we also carry Vegepet Vegecat Kibble Mix and Vegecat Phi which are supplements you can use to formulate and make your own vegan cat food. Vegecat Phi can also be added to pre-made cat food to make it more ascetic.

Vegecat KibbleMix | Vegecat Phi

With vegan cat foods, it ultimately comes down to what your cat likes. All the brands above are high quality. You have to make your decision based on what your cat likes and thrives on. Sometimes this is one brand, or it can be a combination of two brands mixed and feeding some dry, and some wet vegan cat food.